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We focus on strategies that offer a risk premium that is persistent, pervasive, and intuitive – with low correlations to each other and low correlations to traditional asset classes. These support a concept that we call the 10/10 portfolio: 10 long-term allocations to uncorrelated investments that maximize diversification.

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We provide investors with access to the reinsurance risk premium through catastrophe bonds and "quota share" co-investments with select large global reinsurers. Because risks are based on events such as hurricanes and earthquakes, this investment is reliably and intuitively unrelated to stocks and bonds.


We blend exposures to a selection of our investments in a single vehicle, simplifying the process of accessing alternatives. Multi-strategy vehicles help allocators by reducing the pressure to pick winners and help investors by creating a smoother ride through diversification.

Retirement Income

With traditional investment tools, it’s impossible to know exactly how much to spend in retirement, because it’s impossible to know how long you’ll live. Because the consequences of over-spending are so tragic, retirees often prudently spend less – which is certainly the better outcome, yet unfortunately often leads to under-spending and under-living in retirement. Reliable, simple to access, fixed or inflation-protected retirement income can reshape financial planning and retirement itself.


Art is an asset class that has been almost entirely inaccessible to most investors. We provide exposure to a broad array of iconic Post-War & Contemporary art (1945-present) from established artists in an accessible form factor.

Alternative Lending

We provide exposure to consumer and small business loans, which have historically been profitable for banks. We buy loans underwritten by industry-leading online lending platforms and seek to build a solidly prime, diversified portfolio that offers attractive yields with low duration.


We provide investors with access to attractive risk and return opportunities in the energy markets, with a focus on activities that are critical to human needs, generate durable and stable cash flows, and will stand the test of time.

Single-Family Rental

We partner with leading real estate platforms to acquire and operate a diversified portfolio of single-family rental properties. This investment provides access to attractive rental yields and home price appreciation. Investors have historically viewed this asset class as a tax-efficient inflation hedge that generates stable income over time.


Our sister company, NYDIG, offers vertically integrated institutional bitcoin services including secure custody and risk-focused, bespoke financial services.

Drug Royalties

We partner with the leading healthcare royalty investors to acquire the future sales proceeds of drugs, medical devices, and diagnostics. Healthcare royalties create diversification for investors and contribute to innovation broadly in healthcare.

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